Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Favorite Moment During the First Week of Motherhood

At some point during pregnancy, I think most moms experience an odd pregnancy cliche that is annoying in and of itself because it's such a painfully lame cliche. 

  • Strangers touching your belly. 
  • People asking about cravings. 
  • People predicting how you will feel during XX week of pregnancy or labor. 
That last little stinging bullet-point drove me crazy. 

I always wanted to fire off a sharp response to the tune of "Really? Do you know that I'm going to take the epidural? Get stretch marks, hate the last trimester, get heartburn and have a hard time with nursing?" And my favorite "Oh, it's going to be a girl/boy. You're carrying so low/high." 

Maybe pregnancy hormones played some factor because a lot of these predictions ended up to be accurate. 

The next story comes from a mom who kept her predictions to herself during my pregnancy and would only share her personal experiences when asked to give guidance. Thank goodness, because this little tale would not have gone over well for me while pregnant: 

"I don't really remember too much from that time, but I do remember one thing from the hospital. I remember the most wonderful nurse's shift was up and this 20-something nurse took over for her. She told me to roll over so she could check to see how everything looked. (Really?). She said "Do you know you have a hemorrhoid the size of a golf ball on your bottom?" Yes, she used the word 'bottom.'

Yes, thank you! (You’ll get yours one day)

I have to say one thing though, the hemorrhoid was worth it."

Ahh, the joys of motherhood. If you missed the other Favorite Moments During the First Week of Motherhood posts, here they are again, all together, like a big happy family: 

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