Thursday, October 4, 2012

Favorite Moments During the First Week of Motherhood - Part Three

We welcomed Ingrid in April, and in August, our friends welcomed their first son. I loved being pregnant during the same time as one of my close friends (and two sister-in-laws!). Discussing doctor visits, pregnancy-to-dos and weekly progress was fun to do with someone who really "got" it. Then, after we had our babies, it was comforting to have someone to talk to about nursing and shot schedules. 

I know, really, really interesting stuff. But, I loved talking with her as she was "in the trenches" with me. She didn't have memories of these times - or ideas of how motherhood would/should be - she was there - and is there - in the moment. 

As she lives out west, it brought us closer and I'm thrilled because she's a great friend, wonderful nurse and amazing mother. 

  • All of our family was scheduled to visit post birth so it felt really special to have my work family come and welcome my son to the world.
  • Holding him skin-to-skin right after delivery. 
  • Watching my husband hold our son for the first time, and lets face it, every time!
  • Being able to hold and snuggle my little man all the time. Haven't been able to do that since.
  • Seeing the calming effect that music has on my son.
  • Feeling so proud when he passed all his tests. Lab tests, assessments, and the hearing test.
  • The first latch.
  • Our first walk outside. It felt like such an accomplishment.
  • Our first doctors visit and his note that said "Welcome to the world. You're perfect."
  • Thinking how do the days pass so fast when you're hardly sleeping.
  • Learning how to swaddle.
  • The excitement of telling our friends and family that he arrived!
  • and of course, any meeting of family and their interactions was so special - grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, etc.
She wrapped up her email in classic mom-fashion: 

And he's up from his nap. Gotta go.

Man, that first walk outside was surreal. I remember walking outside of the hospital next to Dan who was carrying Ingrid and I wanted to laugh. After so much assistance in the hospital, you're sent home with a baby and a backpack of stolen hospital goods. (Why don't they sell hospital-sized swaddle blankets at Target?). 

More to come! 

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