Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite Moment During the First Week of Motherhood - Part Two

As I read through the stories my friend's shared, I noticed how telling they were of that mom's personality. The nurse highlighted the memory of skin-to-skin contact and yesterday you read about zombie noises and breathing sounds. Each story is so wonderfully unique, the thought of lumping them all together didn't feel right. 

Today's sweet story is touching and so fits this caring mother:  

One of my favorite moments was right when Jackson arrived and he was lying on my stomach, and Jake quickly pulled up the "60s Oldies" station on Pandora so that we could sing a song to him - something nostalgic. The first song that came on was, "This Magic Moment" by the Drifters. Even though the song is about a kiss, it was so perfect because this was OUR magic moment and it certainly gave the song a more memorable meaning.

The other part I remember well is when there was no one there to visit us, Jake would crawl into the bed with me and we'd just snuggle with our little Jackson and talk about how perfect he was and how we couldn't BELIEVE he was so cute already. But I'm sure every parent thinks that.

 Stop it, now. That's too cute.  


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