Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Things

After a long weekend in Minneapolis and a long week involving travel for work - I'm thrilled to spend the weekend in Milwaukee with family and friends. Tonight we'll enjoy a couple's dinner at Odd Duck. Then a weekend full of toddler swimming lessons, house hunting and relaxing!

Here are Five Things that brought a smile to my face this week. 

Cheers and Happy Friday to you! 

1. Bed Head
Since day one, people have commented on Ingrid's rather large head. As you'd expect, I don't really  notice but, there are photos like these where I think, "Geez girl, that's one monsterous head." Ingrid's head, bed-head hair and love for faux food continues to grow.

2. Pickled Red Onions
Last weekend our friend made amazing tacos for a pre-Beer Dabbler meal. The tacos were wonderful, but for me, the pickled red onions stole the show. This Brie Grilled Cheese with pickled red onions is welcomed in my kitchen any day.


3. Pictures from Daycare 
Every month the staff at Ingrid's daycare snaps candid shots of the kids around the room. They compile these monthly photos, add captions and save them for whatever reason. Then, we the child leaves the room the parents are handed a massive stack of photos, drawings and paintings from the past year.

I completely forgot about this awesome memento until a large file folder spilled out on me from Ingrid's locker. I spent the better part of the night looking through the photos.  In complete awe over her tininess, cuteness and overall babyness. I'll get real with you - I cried. Like a sap. But come on, that paint mustache? Seriously. 

4. Valentine's Day 

Last year, I had a great time planning, crafting, baking and overall celebrating the day of love. This year, I'm looking forward to making Valentine's for Ingrid's class, the grandparents. This little Valentine idea is pretty cute (and by cute I mean, I can reasonably make a dozen of these in one afternoon).

5. Good Reads 
Currently reading and loving Gretchen Rubin's second book, Happier at Home, because we can all afford to focus on our happiness!

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