Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Last night, Ingrid went to bed after 10 minutes of wailing.

Dan and I chatted about what we wanted to do for the rest of the night - read, watch TV, artwork (Dan) pretend to knit (me) - when we were interrupted by Ingrid's crying.

Fast forward three hours to Dan and I making some brilliant parenting decisions. We decided to bring Ingrid into the living room and announced that she could watch TV with us, but we were going to watch "our" shows. Ingrid tolerated seven minutes of New Girl before popping up and repeating "No. No. No. No."  

She's teething and couldn't get her little body to get comfortable enough to drift off into a peaceful sleep. After another dose of teething meds and eventually, the pacifier, she zonked out around 11. Oh, and then Harper, our dog, got sick. Twice. 

This morning, Ingrid woke up ready to take on the day. As in, spinning around the kitchen to classic Justin Timberlake hits - while I was in need of a coffee the size of...well, the size of Ingrid. Even though she woke up happy - this little baby-spinning, beanie-hat wearing girl isn't 100%. These two-year-old molars are no joke. 

Ready for his new album any day now.
After a low key morning, we went to an open house. This four-bedroom, newly remodeled upstairs also had some of Ingrid's favorite things: a kitty and a doll house. Ingrid did a great job not attacking the kitty or touching the doll house. For her good behavior we stopped for lunch - and a giant, heart-shaped frosted cookie. 

Deep in thought over the likes and dislikes of the house (aka, kitty and doll house).

Now that we've had our sugar fix for the day, I'm making a few game-day favorites for us to enjoy after Ingrid wakes up from her nap. 

Also on the menu is Ground Beef and Rice for our sick pup. 
Try not to be too jealous of our rockin' weekend. 

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to ending the weekend on a high note with some football, good commercials, Puppy Bowl, Say My Name (come on Beyonce, bring back the classics!) and these snacks: 
What's on your menu tonight? Cheers to a Sunday night without the Sunday blues! 

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