Thursday, November 1, 2012

Second Anniversary

Last year, Dan and I treated ourselves to massages, rode bikes along the Oak Leaf Trail and toasted to our first year at Roots. 

I got a kick out of reading my post about last year's celebration. At that time, I craved normalcy, stability and wanted to relax. A year ago, that meant getting out of our house for a few hours. 

Our second year anniversary we celebrated normalcy with a relaxed evening at home. 

We kept it simple with Italian treats from Glorioso's:

So, those two little tomatoy-looking things next to the olives? Those are amazing. Sweet-spicy peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in prosciutto.   

That's about as fancy as we got. Stuffed peppers, spaghetti, bread, red wine and olives. 

You know those anniversary gifts by year? First year is for paper, the second, cotton. 

For us, First Year = An Expensive Day of Celebrating, Second = Carb-overload. 

Even if we had the time, I would not have wanted to spend our anniversary with a day-long schedule of massages, meals and bike rides. This year, I feel like our time is somehow more valuable, our obligations are more real and time with Ingrid is an exhausting joy. 

Normally, I don't like to gush about Dan because...well, I'm not really a "gush about how amazing my husband is" kind of girl. 

But, I will say that it's been a real pleasure being married to him. He works everyday without complaint - on his business, at school, on his art, home with Ingrid and at our marriage. He's patient, thoughtful and listens. He's a wonderful father and a loving husband. 

In this celebratory moment in our marriage I'm happy to call him my best friend.  

Thanks for letting me gush! 

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