Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Election Night: Yoga and Muffins

Tonight, like most of America, I'm on the edge of my seat hoping my chosen candidate and party wins.

Dan, Ingrid, Harper and I walked to the polls first thing this morning where I voted and Dan stood outside corralling the toddler and dog as they waited patiently roamed around aimlessly.

With a hectic workload, I didn't think much about the election until I hit the yoga mat after work and started to have anxious thoughts.

The rest of the class must have felt the same because we were unbalanced, unfocused and a little nuts. About halfway through, the instructor had us pause with namaste hands and let out a sigh.

Instead of an appropriate, normal exhale, all of us let out a dramatic, audible "AHHHHHHH." In response, the instructor and students laughed. And not a little "class laugh" - no, this was a full-on real laugh, that finally broke the tension. From then on, we were able to concentrate, breathe and as cliche as it sounds, get centered.

On the drive home I turned off the radio in hope to continue some version of peace throughout the night. Even if things don't turn out how I'd like - the back-to-back ads, emails and not-stop speculation will all be done tomorrow. I hope the banter on social media doesn't get out control and everyone embraces a sense of civility and humanity with each other.

If that's too much to ask - feel free to whip up a batch of these Cinnamon Donut Muffins.

They'll be sweet in victory or defeat!

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