Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do You Know What Today Is, It's Our Anniversary...

If you recognize this song title, you may have worked at a fabulous retail location (such as Walgreens) during your formative high-school-to-collage years. You know those loved-but-hated songs that somehow played during every shift. Well, my hated-favorite was Tony Toni Tone's It's Our Anniversary. It's sticks in your head like caramel on an apple and it's terrible. Don't take my word for it:

Moving on to a less annoying note (ha!), Dan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend.

It's no secret that I love birthday celebrations and I think I'm going to like this whole anniversary thing too.

First we rented bikes from the Urban Ecology Center (hidden gem!) and headed north on the Oak Leaf Trail. Enjoying the sunshine while talking and peddling like kids - perfect! Next, we headed to The Pfister for a couple's massage. Amazing. Or should I say, spAH-mazing. Now, Dan's only spa exposure to-date was our Kohler babymoon getaway back in January. As we enter the historic, breathtakingly beautiful Pfister spa, he turns to me and says "So, do they have like a pool or fireplace here?" Who knew he'd be such a spa snob. 

No, we didn't enjoy a pool or fireplace - but we did enjoy a relaxing, quite massage and I took my sweet time standing on the heated floors following the blissful experience (add this to my dream house checklist).

Then, we headed home, dressed Ingrid like a little bumble bee and handed out candy to our BayView trick-or-treaters with Grandma Carolyn. Ingrid was the sweetest little bee and as she snuggled up next to me as we watched the older kids cruise by - I thought about how she'll be joining them in a few years - but for now, she gets to snuggle with me and has no idea how processed sugar tastes (watch for pictures coming soon!).

Finally, we wrapped up the day with dinner at Roots. It was a little fancy without being fancy and the food was better than expected. I had the Mushroom Terrine, Dan had the steak and in keeping with celebratory traditions, we actually ate dessert and toasted with adult beverages. All and all - an anniversary success.

On our way home from dinner, Dan and I joked that our second year of marriage won't possibly be as dramatic or unpredictable as the first. I think we're both looking forward to a little stability and normal-ness this year. Then I remembered that we have an almost-seven-month old at home and we have no idea what the next year will be like, or sound like or feel like.

This weekend was about us, not Ingrid, and I'm so thankful we were able to pause, enjoy time with one another and indulge - here's to another year of fun! Broast!

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