Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Last year, Ingrid was a bee for Halloween. I had a great time creating her outfit and making buzzing noises we flew her around the living room. We handed out candy with Grandma and snuggled up in legwarmers.

Today, Ingrid was a cupcake this year for Halloween. I had a great time creating her outfit and she had a great time twirling around the living room as a "Pupcake!" (Her word for cupcake. Can it get any cuter than that?). 

We had grand plans to go trick-or-treating. I envisioned her toddling up to houses while grasping my finger and then had big dreams of stopping off for hot chocolate (to go along with our sugar). 

Like many days with an 18 month-old, today did not go as planned. 

After we arrived home, made dinner and packed up to leave, Ingrid started to yawn and ask for books. 

Then, I noticed she had a significant amount of jelly in her hair. Harper noticed it too. 

Instead of braving the cold, Ingrid took a bath, put on her little Halloween jammies and I made these yummy pumpkin seeds while she read books at my feet. 

They'll be plenty of years to trick-or-treat, this year we just got jelly in our hair, twirled around the living room as a "pupcake" and made pumpkin seeds. A Happy Halloween in my book! 

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