Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Tonight's a big night guys - we're meeting Ms. Chrissy and getting a tour of the ever-so-popular Caterpillar Room at Ingrid's new "school/daycare." I still remember that fateful day when I received the call that we indeed did "get in" to our number one daycare choice. What a weight off of our shoulders. Here's how it went down:

During my pregnancy, we toured one daycare, fell in love and stopped searching because A: I didn't have a job. B: We loved this particular center. Easy right? Not so fast Go-Go-Gadget.

Ingrid was about six weeks old when I learned that our number one choice was EVERYONE'S number one choice and our odds of getting in were slim-to-none. The rejection confirmed that we indeed, didn't get in. Oh well, I was unemployed.

Then I got a job offer. Fuck. Now what? When does she need to go? What can we afford? When is Dan going to work? Ahhh! We were manics. Hitting up every reputable daycare in the Oak Creek/St. Francis area Anything central to downtown was bat-shit expensive. Dan hit his breaking point when he toured four centers in three hours. This one didn't have the flexibility we need, this one was 20 miles away, this one just wanted a deposit, this one had a year long waiting list and this one had three kids in a corner crying with a TV blasting away. This one didn't feel right.

With a little persistence, I worked with our number one choice daycare to come up with a schedule that worked for Dan, Ingrid and myself and now - phew - SHE'S IN! Great ratio, great reputation, flexible, affordable. Check, check, check - love it!

Now the anticipation mounts. Will we like these teachers? Will Ingrid be happy? Be safe? Have fun? Be stimulated? Will I be a hot mess dropping her off next week? Will I cry at work (dreading that one).

I know that sending her to daycare part-time is the best decision for our family, right now. I'm curious to know how we'll all feel knowing that someone other than a close family member or friend is watching her - she'll be in good hands, just not ours for a few hours a week.

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