Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the Kitch: After School (or Work) Snacks.

We spent a few hours in the kitchen this weekend - sipping coffee, listening to old favorites on the iPod and cooking freezeable meals. It was great having Ingrid in her little Bumbo chair watching us cook, laugh and play. We made soups, pastas and ice-cube trays of baby food.

As I was searching for good lunch ideas, I came across this post from TheKitchn and started thinking of my favorite snacks growing up - apple slices, cheese slices and good ol' Ritz crackers - carefully arranged on a plate my my mom. As I was searching the site, I noticed that a lot of people listed some sort of "cheese" as their snack of choice. I whole-heartily agree with this snack.

Then, just as I started to think of some different items to try, Ingrid jumped on the fussy-train. What were your favorite childhood treats? Adult-figure-friendly snacks that aren't totally boring?

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