Monday, August 29, 2011

Irish Fest.

What makes an ordinary day extraordinary? I pondered that little nugget as I was heading out of Irish Fest - and onto Anthro and the Public Market. I couldn't put my finger on it - the day was just great.

Ingrid and I enjoyed Sunday Mass with thousands of other Milwaukeeians. Then we third (or fourthed?)-wheeled it with my best-friend and her husband as we enjoyed an Irish coffee, sampled some sweet Irish-inspired treats, listened to good music and watched those curly-haired Irish dancers do their thing. Normal day right? But there was something about the morning that kept me smiling all day long.

As I walked out of Anthro empty-handed (no damage to the bank account!), it hit me. I've enjoyed this fest for the last three years with three completely different groups of people at three completely different times in my life. Let's take a stroll down memory lane...

2009 - My girlfriends and I leisurely enjoyed about four Irish coffees, browsed the market for non-cheesy Irish stuff and I'm pretty sure I had about three shamrock cookies. We continued the celebration all afternoon - and I'm pretty sure into a dinner and multiple cocktails downtown.

S and I enjoying Irish coffees. 

2010 - My mom and sister were in town to celebrate Dan and mine's engagement party. At Patty's Pub we threw back vodka tonics and laughed with friends and family. My mom, sister and I dragged ourselves out of bed and enjoyed a morning of good ol' Catholic mass, coffee and treats. As I waved good-bye to my family, I broke out my Martha Stewart Wedding Planner and started dreaming of outdoor reception sites. Little did I know that I'd be getting married in the best venue ever in a few short months.

My mom and I enjoying normal coffees. 

Somethings have remained the same - my love affair with those damn Irish coffees, my tendency to skip a real meal in favor of treats - and that fun, leather Gaelicy cuff.

And a whole lot has changed - I got my braces off!

Seriously though, I can't wait to continue our tradition of attending this fest next year, with toddling Ingrid and Dan. Hopefully, I'll only be carrying one small bag of kid-stuff instead of my 15-pound-baby-supply-filled-satchel. So I can double-fist those coffees.

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