Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Year

I welcomed 2014 with the delusions that I could sneak sugar cookies into the new year without anyone noticing. The Girl Scouts are really onto something when asking people to order cookies in January. Let's just tempt our silly little resolutions right off the bat, shall we? 

Who says New Year's resolutions need to be set on January 1st? It might be semantics, but I prefer to set goals over making resolutions. Striving for something better instead of making something off limits. So this doesn't happen: 

Here's what I'm aiming for (22 days late) in 2014: 

A BAD HABIT I'M GOING TO BREAK >> start going to bed at a reasonable hour. 

A NEW SKILL I'D LIKE TO LEARN >> calligraphy. 

A PERSON I HOPE TO BE MORE LIKE >> the best version of myself. Accept my faults and focus on my strengths. 

A GOOD DEED I'M GOING TO DO >> volunteer more of my time. 

A PLACE I'D LIKE TO VISIT >> new-to-me state parks in Wisconsin. 

A LETTER I'M GOING TO WRITE >> send letters and real photos to Ingrid's grandparents. 

A NEW FOOD I'D LIKE TO TRY >> might sound odd, but I'd like to cook more meat and fish. 

I'M GOING TO DO BETTER AT >> ignoring the allure of screens. Turn off the TV and power down my phone at a reasonable hour in order to write, read and create. 

What are your resolutions or goals for 2014? 

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  1. I didn't do a NY resolution this year since I'm busy trying to keep a little human alive. Instead I bought the book "One Good Deed A Day". Each day it gives you a good deed to complete. Some as easy as smiling at people. I start it on Feb 1st. - Ingrid

    1. Great idea Ingrid - I'll have to check this out.


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