Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Falling in Like

Someone once told me that you never really own a house. You occupy a home and then pass it along to the next lucky visitors - who might stay for a few years or a few decades. 

Interesting, right? In this little 1920s home, everyone who has come before us has made their own memories and experienced their own firsts. Since moving in June, it hasn't really felt like "ours" until recently. It's easy to forget how comforting comfortable routines and patterns are until they are broken. I now look back with fondness at our little Bay View apartment because I could easily navigate around coffee tables and flip on light switches. I knew the quirks and we created a little cozy nest to call our own. In this new home, we've all experienced annoying knee bumps due to poorly positioned furniture and have stumbled upon weird quirks (outlets installed improperly so they can't be used when the lights are on - which is an issue when attempting to blowdry hair). 

If you have a similar relationship with your home, a good way to fast-track your relationship status is to create some good ol' fashioned memories. 

Game night with friends, cocktails with family or decorating Christmas trees with toddlers are all welcomed memories from our first six months. All great loves come with quirks and I'm looking forward to getting to know our little house, quirks and all. 

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