Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Happy First Day of Summer (and Memorial Day, Move-in Day, First Day of Internet Access - followed by 18 days of no internet access, Last Day of Daycare, Father's Day, First Day of New Daycare)!

During this move/settling-in phase, I took an unintentional break from this space I call BLOG. Fueled by lack of internet (bye-bye Time Warner!) and the blog-break continued during this short stint of warm weather.

One of my blogger pet-peeves is when writers apologize to readers due to their lack of posts. I won't say I'm sorry but will say that I'm happy to be back. Happy to have internet again (AT&T Uverse 4EVA), happy to be settling into our first home and happy to explore our new neck of the Milwaukee-woods (aka, Wauwatosa).

A Disclaimer for the Video Below:
Ingrid attended her first Brewer game on Memorial Day. She developed an innocent but serious crush on Bernie Brewer. For those of  you who aren't on a first-name basis with our beloved mascot, let me fill you in on the details:

Bernie Brewer's profession is a beer brewer. When I was a kid, Bernie would literally slide into a mug of beer for every Brewer home run. When Miller Park was built, Bernie's house and the infamous mug moved to Lakefront Brewery. Bernie's nostalgic house was replaced with a lifeless shed and he now slides down a yellow slide and cheers as fireworks sparkle above his head.

Needless to say that Ingrid went bananas over Bernie, the fireworks, cotton candy and this song:

Next year, I'm hoping she finds joy in the Sausage Race because this year, her number one concern was "Where'd Ernie go?!?"

Happy Friday!

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