Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Things

Yesterday I made a good-bad decision. What's a good-bad decision? An example: online shopping for hours and then Xing out of your browser. Sure, it was fun but now it's 11pm and you didn't even get that clearance button-down. My most recent good-bad decision was to go on a mini-cleanse before Memorial Day weekend. The first weekend of summer. A weekend full of BBQs, parades, kite festivals and baseball games: all of these things involve toasting adult beverages.

I'll start this cleanse on Tuesday. Yep. Tuesday. I feel better already.

Here are five things that made the week sweet:

1. Summer Preparation: 
Summer is on the horizon and it's full of possibilities! Camping, sunshine, festivals, sandals! I love mapping out our summer plans and hope to "schedule" a few in Milwaukee. It's the most wonderful time of the year here in the good ol' Midwest.

If I ever have the patience to create these cupcakes, you're invited to come over:

2. Speaking of Smoothies... 
I've been a fan of this Green Mango one:
  • 2 cups spinach 
  • 2 cups water 
  • 1 cup frozen mango 
  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt 
  • A little sprinkle of chia seed 

3. Books. 
Since we have a bizarre amount of time to kill during our brief stay in the furnished apartment, I've read a few books. I've tried to read The Great Gatsby but found that light-hearted books like: Waiting for Birdy, one by Heather McDonald (surprisingly we have really similar parenting styles) and another by Ross Matthews (surprisingly delightful read).

4. Spring Roll in a Bowl 
So pretty to make and so simple! I found the noodles near the tofu in my grocery store's produce department and was delighted to discover that they rang in 20 calories per serving. Score. 

5. Chicken & Waffles 
Ingrid's going through a growth spurt. No matter what she eats during the day, she's ravenous in the middle of the night. She woke up in a haze and question-yelled "I have. I have. I have chicken? And...waffles?" I couldn't deny her request - we had both on-hand: 

Man, I love her. 

Happy Food-Related Post Friday (I guess)! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. I will take that spring roll in a bowl, please. Thank you very much.

    We are all due for a meet at AJBombers, for me: it's the grilled cheese with tomato and avocado.
    Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!


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