Monday, April 1, 2013

On Packing

Our upcoming move is quickly becoming a reality. Walls are bare, boxes are stacked in corners, donation piles are piling up. On one hand it feels cathartic to go through belongings, sort them, think about them and make the ultimate decision: keep or toss. On another hand, it's taxing and due to the milestones experienced in this tiny apartment - marriage, parenthood and dog-ownership - we have a lot to go through.

You know that feeling when you flip through an old photo album? You're happy to have the photos to cherish the memories but thankful that hairstyles and clothing choices have evolved. It's like that, but with stuff.

Tonight, we tackled the pantry. Mason jars of wheat germ and powered sugar were discarded. Then, I went through the cookbooks and the forgotten "meal planning" binder I once religiously maintained. Back before Pinterest, I loved going through recipes, testing them out and tucking away favorites. It sounds simple on the surface, but going through Valentine's Day menus and birthday dinners gave a little window into the countless memories built in our little apartment. Back when creating a several course meal was reasonable - I had the time to invest in such celebrations. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm no master in the kitchen - I just like the idea of researching recipes and have managed to come up with a few "wow" moments in kitchen. Even if I'm the only one enjoying the results.

I had a few baking blunder this month so stumbling upon these tried and true recipes make me remember that good things do come out of our outdated kitchen. By the way, is there anything more disappointing than burnt coconut macaroons or carrot cupcakes that don't rise? Of course there are - but dumping a tray of baked goods into the trash is a bummer.

Here are some of my favorite recipes that have been made countless times in our little home. Enjoy!

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