Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

Better late than never! My mom and sister were in town from Minneapolis last weekend and it was wonderful. Wonderful to have some family time. To see Ingrid with her grandmother and aunt. She moved on from saying "Aunt Kiki" to "Aunt Kirsten." Our little lady is growing up.

The weekend was full of basketball, coffee, laughing with Ingrid, eggs and...more basketball.

There were also M&Ms. My sister claims that Easter M&Ms (or the probably-PC term would be Spring M&Ms) are better than the regular, year-round regular treats. I laughed her off and might have even literally waved her comment off. After a semi-blind taste test, I'm a believer that the pastel M&Ms are indeed better than the rest.

Obviously, this isn't the reason for the season but - spending time with family and debating the features of holiday candy felt pretty great.


  1. 1) :D
    2) Spring M&M do taste better.
    3) I love being an aunt.
    4) Can't wait to see you all soon

  2. I LOVE those photos! Isn't it cool how striking a bowl of dyed Easter eggs looks?


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