Thursday, March 28, 2013

Listen to Your Mother: First Rehearsal

I can't remember the last time I've been so excited. Well, I'll be honest and admit that I'm more excited about purchasing our first home than I am to be an inaugural cast member of the Milwaukee Listen to Your Mother Show. But, nonetheless, I'm really excited about this opportunity.

If I could do a cartwheel, I would do a cartwheel, I'm that excited. In fact, I'm going to try and attempt a cartwheel right now.

Nope. Still failing in the cartwheel department. 

I've struggled to communicate the details of the event. Thankfully, the founder (from Wisconsin!) explains it perfectly:

On Sunday we had our first rehearsal and it was wonderful. The group is an eclectic group of women from all walks of life. As the first story was read I thought "Ok, this is awesome. She is funny." Then, the second reader went and although I'm not not where she is at this stage of of my life, I related. Then, it was my turn. I was a ball of nerves. I was jittery, I cracked jokes to calm my nerves and at one point, I put my legs in an awkward yogaesk-tree pose? Painful. 

Between Kleenex grabs, I subconsciously tried to rank our stories.But as the last reader left the make-shift podium, I finally understood what our producers told us: the stories were chosen because they all flow together to create one cohesive show.

It's true - every story on it's own is touching but woven together, you need a stack of Kleenexes and a nap. It was an emotionally draining afternoon. I had plans to go to the gym and grocery store but instead, I just lingered around the conference room and got to know these wonderful women.

My head was spinning as I asked people "Where do you live?" after hearing a raw personal story about their path on motherhood. Sounds like it might be awkward, but it wasn't at all.

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  1. You bring so much "real" to our show, and we're grateful to have you as one of the brilliant voices in our augural show's cast.


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