Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap: St. Patrick's Day

Happy Monday! Spring might be technically beginning this week but right now, we're seeing snow. That's what you get in Wisconsin. This weekend we had a great time celebrating my girlfriend's 30th birthday, visiting The Waxwing - a little shop that's featuring Dan's artwork this week and toasting Irish coffees in honor of St. Patrick.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Dancing along to the live band at The Waxwing:

And here's part two:

Dancing can't compete with shiny rings.

Ingrid went from a dancing fool on Sunday morning: 

To a sad, sick little patient in the evening:

She watched movies while I folded laundry and enjoyed the New Glarus sampler pack (I love this mix of light and dark brews!).

Seriously, I'm a little obsessed with the site SkinnyTaste. I made the Corned Beef and Cabage soup and Skinny(er) Shamrock Shakes yesterday. Dan couldn't stop talking about how good the soup smelled - and tasted - while Ingrid sipped her little shake happily.

I'm not sure if Ingrid's not feeling well or if, like the rest of us, the gloomy weather is finally getting to her. We haven't been able to play outside very long and on Saturday morning she cried during our walk when I told we couldn't go to the park because it was too cold (and too long of a walk). I'm with you Ingrid - bring on the sun!

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