Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apt for Rent: 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bath, Great Location

Lately I've been pretty ho-hum around the blog - and a little vague. I've been pretty distracted as we're in the process of buying our first home.


If everything goes as planned, we'll be closing in less than a month and I'm (finally!) excited. Starting to think about which hand-me-down furniture items to sell. Thinking about what do to with those charming, yet awkward, spaces that inevitably fill a 1920s home in the Midwest (read: small closets, no entryway, built-in cabinets).

We'll talk about the house another time because first, I'd like to show some love to apartment we've called home for the last four (or five?) years.

This lovely little apartment has been home to Dan's best friend during that wonderful time between college graduation and first-job. We built a wall in the attic (shhh) to create a make-shift studio for Dan. We brought home countless pieces of furnatire from the side of the road. We entertained friends on the porch and forced them to watch Packer games on our wide, old-school TV. Then, I won a new, fancy TV. We brought home a dog from the Humane Society called Blessing (seriously) and named her Harper. Moved things around - changed the dining room into a sitting room (best use of this space). Painted chalk-boards on one too many walls. Installed a door-headboard only to have it fall on my head in the middle of the night (while seven months pregnant. I reacted totally appropriate and not dramatic at all). And most memorable, welcomed lovely little Ingrid in April 2011. 

We moved in as boyfriend and girlfriend and we'll be leaving as a married couple with a dog and daughter.

Last week, a dozen or so people came to view our the apartment. There were couples and single girls interested. We answered questions about neighbors, water pressure and heating bills. People commented on how nice the apartment looked, about the good use of space and how cozy it felt.

Now, these people might have been nice as we were awkwardly eating dinner and watching Toy Store 2 as they paraded in and out. But, I do actually think our apartment looks nice and feels really cozy. The "abundance of space" is another story.

Our place is well-cared for. It fits our life and style (and our lifestyle. Zing!). I'm not going to miss our port-a-potty sized closets, the yippie dogs next door or the fact that Ingrid's room is off of the kitchen.

Brick Attic - Bay View Home Print
Bay View Home Print by Dan Atkinson.
I never imagined feeling sad to leave our little front porch. I'm going to miss the two minute walk to Target or to the park. I'm going to miss our neighbor who juggles in the middle of the street during the summers. The same neighbor also refreshes his outdoor lighting and decor with each season. He's yet to put up the Easter bunny flag and pastel lights - what gives?

As we start the packing process - I'm hoping that whoever calls our little apartment home next has the same appreciation for its quirks and loves it just like we did - just enough to make it home, and but can't put that much effort into it because hey, we were renters, for crying out loud!

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