Thursday, March 14, 2013

Listen to Your Mother

Earlier this year a fellow MilwaukeeMoms blogger invited us to consider auditioning for this unique speaking event called Listen to Your Mother.

I looked around the site, decided it looked like a fun out-of-my-comfort-zone idea and said Yes to auditioning.

Then, as I developed my five-minute piece, I checked the site again to understand "the reader" and get an idea of the content.

After pausing the third video to get some Kleenex the nerves started to kick in. These women were amazingly talented. Their words lit up the room. I cried and laughed along with the audience.

Then, I put one foot in front of the other. I tried not to focus on the potential-scariness in front of me and just focus on the audition.

When audition day came, I managed to parked illegally in front of the Central Library. Then, I cursed myself for always going to my local, Bay View, library as I admired the pristine, historical downtown building. As I opened the door to the audition, I was greeted with a warm energy and was able to rid my nerves with five-minutes by my favorite way - good old-fashioned word-vomiting. I think I managed to say the words "balls" and "chocolate" before I even began reading my piece. As in "I don't have the balls for that." and "Ohh, chocolate! Is that for us?"

Word-vomiting at its finest.

Reading my piece, out-loud - to strangers - was strangely therapeutic. Strange in the fact that I was sharing intimate details of my life and it didn't feel that weird. It felt liberating to read words on paper. It didn't feel like speech class at all!

Like everyone, I assume my mom and close friends read my blog. There's comfort in that sense of public-privacy. Sure, I'm sharing my thoughts with "the world" but realistically, who cares?

Well, I'm really excited to tell you (that means you, Mom!) that I'll be joining the first - no, let's be fancy about this - inaugural - Milwaukee cast of Listen to Your Mother. 

Celebrate Mother's Day (a weekend early!) by listening to live readings by local mothers on Sunday, May 5 at 3:00 p.m. I'll share deets about venue and tickets when available.

In the meantime - check out these stories - and have Kleenex nearby (fair warning!).

And if you happen to not live in Milwaukee - there are 23 other cities participating. Check it out!


  1. It was an experience, the magic was there, for our side of the table as well.
    It's going to be a great show, and all the pieces fit together like a natural landscape.

    Thank you so much, for going out of your comfort zone, and sharing your story with us.

    1. Thank you for listening - I'm looking forward to this event and to be a little corny - the "experience"!


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