Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After a Day Like Today...

A day where you slept in so late it can't be real. It's Saturday, right? No, it's Wednesday, get it in gear and get out the door!

A day where there's a glitch in payroll and you might not get a paycheck.

A day where you can't find a mailbox to save your life.

A day where an over-priced lunch from Whole Foods doesn't even do the trick.

A day where your reservations to The Aviary are cancelled due to a private party. (I was THIS close to asking if we could just attend the exclusive, probably-amazing private party).

A day where you left your running shoes at a friend's house.

A day that apparently has no end.

A day where 95 million small annoying things add up to stress overload. Somehow the big, amazing, life-changing awesome things on the horizon are covered up by the four (not 95 million, drama queen) small short-term annoying things.

After - or should I say - during a day like today - this little video made me smile. Smile at the what a joy it is to be a kid. To get a little look into those little minds.

I'm trying to stay positive here and not be envious of the perfect hair-dos some of these kids are sporting (nice top-knot!):

And I totally understand that's it's a month after Valentine's Day. I'm cool with that on a day like today.

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