Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Things {Ingrid Said}

This weekend my girlfriends and I will run a 5K. The first race of the year! I'm busy putting together a playlist and willing the mound of laundry to somehow get done tonight. Saturday we'll be visiting our family and friends from out of town (and hopefully have a Bloody Mary - or two - while our girls play).

Here are five things Ingrid said this week (some humorous, some obvious): 

1. Run Around 
This sounds more like "Fun 'anoun! Fun 'anoun!" Ingrid loves to "run around" the living room from time to time. She'll simply stop what she's doing - and in this case - put on a hat from one of her stuff animals - and announce that she's going to run around.

2. No Getting Out 
Ingrid started this bad habit of getting out of bed in the night. We'll be in the living room and hear the familiar "squeak-a squeak-a" sound of the doorknob turning back and forth. After asking her to not get out of her bed, this hasn't happened (yet). Now, while tucking her in, she'll let us know "No getting out." Very good Ingrid. No getting out. Now can you try sleeping in too?

3. Please Don't Drink The Chalk.
This came out of my mouth on Wednesday morning.

4. Kiss It. 
After a few minutes of ohhing and ahhing at the nail polish Ingrid announced to everyone at Walgreens that she wanted to kiss it. All of the nail polishes. I entertained one little smooch but received an ear-full when I interrupted the kissing session. And then I heard...

5. I Love It. 
She's figured out that she loves nail polish, swimming suits (aka "Cinderelly dress"), cupcake boxes and a Toy Story 2 DVD case. I'm waiting to hear this phrase directed toward me, Dan or even Harper. Someday. Someday we'll be loved more than nail polish.

I leave you with pictures of Ingrid at Noodles (someone figured out how to create collages!):

Cheers to you on this happy Friday! 

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