Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekday Breakfast Ideas

During my pregnancy and maternity leave, I was spoiled with frequent home-cooked breakfasts. My husband started cooking breakfast because:

1. He works out of the home and doesn't have to rush around in the morning.
2. I was starving and bowl of cereal simply didn't cut it anymore.
3. I had zero energy to cook and pleaded with him to learn a few go-to meals before Ingrid arrived.

Two plus years later and he's still making breakfast regularly. With odd work and school schedules, breakfast is one meal that we eat as a family, most mornings.

Dan typically whips up eggs with spinach or whatever else is in the fridge. Beyond eggs, here are some family favoritess:

Muffins, smoothies and oatmeal are pretty standard breakfast affair but, brown rice? I was skeptical too - but Bethenny Frankel delivers. Treat it like oatmeal, doctor it up with almond milk, dried fruit (and maybe...chocolate chips). Just eyeball the ingredients for a few minutes over the stove on medium heat and enjoy.

Typically, I'll use left over rice for this dish, as I don't have 40 minutes to wait for brown rice to cook. Recently, I was asked to try Minute Ready to Serve Rice: portable, portion-controlled, fully cooked rice. I'll be honest with you - I wasn't too excited to try this dish as I had sampled "fully cooked" brown rice a few years earlier. Back then, the rice was really oily and the consistency was off. This rice cooked quickly and was close to the consistency of real brown rice - chewy and filling. I whipped this up in about 5 minutes - perfect for weekday mornings.

Even though Dan is the breakfast cook in the house - I plan on serving these healthy breakfasts on weekdays.

This is (obviously) a sponsored post but my opinions are legit. Find more recipe ideas here. 

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 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice.

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