Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As Ingrid inches closer to two-years-old, her little personality and sense of humor are starting to shine. She goes from smiles to tears in a hot second if her requests aren't granted. As in, "No you can't watch another show, it's time to play."

What's surprising though, is her sharp-as-a-tack memory (hoping that "sharp-as-a-tack" is the correct phrase to use here). Off the cuff, I mentioned that she can "earn" an M&M if she uses the potty. Now, like a little solider she'll randomly blurt out "Go potty. Get M. GO POTTY GET M!" Glad we're making this whole potty training thing a causal, welcoming experience.

I can't believe she's still touting this phrase after I muttered it weeks ago.

A back story: When Dan and I were dating, he would do this little move I referred as "The Dinosaur." Stick with me here. While sitting across one another at a restaurant or bar he would move his gaze up and look surprised or scared. Like the face you would make if you saw a really tall dinosaur. I would "fall" for this move, spin around alarmed.

I had completely forgotten about this little joke until Dan played it on Ingrid the other day. She screamed in terror. When we told her there might be a dinosaur outside she thought we were out of our minds. They were on TV - not outside. Mom and Dad joke fail.

Since then, I've tried this little joke on her from time to time. She'll now smile, shake her head and remind me that "No dinosaurs!" but at least she's not screaming in terror. 

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