Friday, February 22, 2013


Ingrid received these little "palm stamps" from Grandma for Valentine's Day. Dan's the artist in the family (for further evidence, see recent Instagram photos) and I hope Ingrid gets some of his mad skills. Or should I say "skillz."


Reading craziness on Bodies in water tanks, Olympic runners on trial. What's going on 2013?

Waiting for the right house to magically pop up in our price range, in our ideal area and come with a fireplace, front porch and fenced-in yard.

Excited about catching up on the Oscar movies! Argo tonight!

Trying to stick with the Whole Living Action Plan. Day five of no: coffee, sweets, carbs or meat. I'm craving a warm cup of coffee with a big ol' bakery treat alongside.

Working on parenting a toddler. She's starting to say "No I don't." to anything these days. Dinner options, clothing, activities: her response is "No I don't." Here we go...

Enjoying the effects of DayQuil. 

Using the Clarisonic facial scrubber. Seriously, worth every dollar.

Wearing a gigantic scarf

on what to wear to an Oscar party!

Singing along to Mumford & Sons

Needing to be wearing yoga gear.

Learning that I need to be a bit more considerate to those closest to me.

Listening to the rumble of traffic outside my window.

Doing some inbox clean up. I feel so much more organized with a little email inbox and everything else tucked away into folders.

Dreaming of playing in the snow with the family!

Have a wonderful Friday! 

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