Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thinking of: Ingrid's Second Birthday Party

The internet is a wonderful source for inspiration and discovery. What's the cast of Full House is up to now. Well, the internet tells me that "Stephanie" has a three-year-old named Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle.

It's also a source of frustration. A frustration with the seemingly endless stream of jaw-dropping DIY ideas. After spending a few minutes on Pinterest I feel defeated even before a project has even started. Who are these people making Pottery Barn-worthy headboards? Do fashion bloggers have part-time modeling gigs on the side? Because, ok, we get it. 

Tonight, I set out on an internet adventure to find Ingrid a sweet dress for a Tea Party themed birthday party. Then, after drooling over tablescapes and party favors (complete with monogrammed labels, natch), I decided this theme will work best when she's a bit older. When she can invite friends over to clink little teacups and decorate cookies. 

I thought about her favorite things: yogurt, babies, Cinderella, chocolate, bubbles, ice, books, dancing, playdough, M&Ms and the moon. 

Behind babies, the moon comes in a close second. 

If we head outside during sunset/nighttime hours Ingrid will look up in the sky and search for the moon. Once spotted, she screams: "MOON!" as if it's the first time she's witnessed its glory. If she can't find it, she'll let you know that it's "too cloudy." 

On Valentine's Day we were walking to a frozen yogurt shop when said "moon" over and over. I looked up in the sky and scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. We couldn't see the moon from where we were standing. Then, on our walk back to the car, I noticed a crescent-shaped pattern on bricks for a carpet shop. Sure enough, there was the "moon." The beloved moon. 

So, back to the party. 

The time will come for princess themes (the girl loves her Cinderella...), tea parties and "Mom, I'm too old for that kid stuff." parties. This year we'll be celebrating one of her favorite books: Goodnight Moon. 

Goodnight Moon is one of those books you think you remember as a kid but, once you've memorized it, it's so much better than you remembered  It's simplistically wonderful. During an episode of Mad Men this season, Pete read the book to his daughter. I love that generations of parents have said "Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight noises everywhere." 

For Ingrid's second birthday, we'll make moon-shaped sugar cookies and you better believe there will be a red balloon. I'll leave the intricately decorated cake pops, waterbottle wraps and matching cupcake liners to those wonderfully patient moms (and dads!) who apparently have never-ending creativity, patience (and bigger budgets). 

That said, here are some great Goodnight Moon party ideas. 

You can find more over on my Pinterest (ha!) Parties board: 

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What are your favorite kid-themed birthday parties? Any ideas on activities for toddlers?

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