Monday, January 14, 2013

What Weekends Are All About

Don't you love when you kind of fall into a weekend? Maybe the holiday hangover is finally going away - but this weekend felt peaceful and restorative.

Weekends are for reconnecting: Ingrid and I spent some serious quality time together (aka, playing with babies and reading every book in her library). That girl's attention span is no joke. I had to stop myself from rushing from one activity to the next. She would be immersed in blocks and I would catch myself suggesting we color a picture. We spent time "booping" noses together and giggling over peek-a-boo. Seriously, toddlers are hilarious (insane - but also hilarious).

Weekends are best with friends:  On Saturday, we got together with our favorite friends who also have little girls. I love seeing Ingrid's eyes widen as we tell her where we're going and who we'll be seeing. She would wheel her stroller and baby into the living room every few minutes with a smile that radiated happiness. Her squeals of delight over every Packer touchdown made the loss somewhat bearable. I'm lying. That game was terrible and I'm still bummed.

On Sunday, two of my favorite ladies came over to watch the Golden Globes and eat crappy pizza. I loved that they both wanted to come over before Ingrid's bedtime to spend time with her. We talked through most of the acceptance speeches and commented on the best dressed. I loved the simplistic styling this year and thought Claire Danes and Jessica Alba both looked amazing!

Weekends are for not showering: For me, it's always been easy to muster up the energy to workout on the weekends. I'm never in the mood to shower so, why not go for the gold and head out for a run? On Saturday I ran to our community center for my weekly abs class (where we're adjacent to the Senior Step Class and Toddler Karate). The whole "run to-and-from" class makes a lot of sense in theory, as it's only a mile or so from the house. But, it normally turns into a leisurely walk home because hey, I just worked out for a solid 40 minutes!

Weekends are for baking: Ingrid might not understand the concepts of measuring or whisking - but the girl loves to sprinkle and "dump" (anything from one bowl to the next). In an ideal world, we would have made Honeyed Grapefruit Scones (a seriously wonderful  breakfast). I wasn't in the mood to (further) dirty the kitchen and made some Snickerdoodles (from a box mix) instead. Ingrid was covered in cinnamon-sugar and magically remembered that she can't eat cookie dough (how long do you think I can keep that lie going?).


Weekends are for the great outdoors: Somehow a walk through the park on Saturday took just as long as a walk around the block on Sunday.

Yeah, we can go outside.
Just let me just wrap up this phone call quick.
Ingrid in awe over the "icy berries"

She was allowed to take two "icy berries" home.
Weekends are for reading (and for online shopping, vodka, crock pots, yoga pants, trashy TV and movie watching, unlimited cups of coffee): I had been craving an afternoon of "me time" (such an eye-rolling inducing phrase, by the way). On Sunday afternoon, Ingrid took a three-hour nap and I took full advantage: made a fancy coffee, caught up on Housewives while reading an enormous stack of magazines (while thinking about doing laundry - and hey, isn't it the thought that counts).

I hope your weekend was wonderful and your Monday was painless!

(Inspiration for the post came from Joy the Baker)

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  1. I love how delightfully simple and elegant your blog is! So cute! Your daughter is just adorable! I can totally relate, I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 23 month old, or dare I say almost 2 year old! I'm visiting from the January 2013 Blog Hop on Bloggy Moms! Please dash on over to my blog, Rural Mama's Sandbox, and let me know what you think! Its a bit more cluttered but not worse for the wear!
    Kelsey aka Rural Mama


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