Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After Bedtime

The sweet sound of a quiet house at night. Even sweeter, a house all to myself.

Ingrid is in bed. Harper is sleeping. Dan is at school. A quiet house is oh-so sweet.

Here's what I like to do after the kids go to bed. Or, simply put - here's a list of 21 things you can do when you're board:
  1. Mix cocktail. Read magazine. Better yet, change into jammies. 
  2. Make tea. Read book. In jammies (similar yet very different from #1). 
  3. Watch Boardwalk Empire. Watch Bravo to get over the disturbing scene involving Jimmy's mother. 
  4. Work out in your living room. Don't worry, you can do this for about 15 minutes and feel some sense of accomplishment. 
  5. Write your mom a card. 
  6. Or phone it in and send your mom an e-card.
  7. Reserve books at the library.   
  8. Paint your nails. 
  9. Promise to go to bed earlier, tomorrow. 
  10. Google Chat with friends. The best way to catch up! 
  11. Wonder how you didn't know about The Land of Nod sooner. 
  12. Think of ways to replicate The Land of Nod holiday decor in your living room. 
  13. Wonder if anyone else thinks The New Girl is seriously funny. 
  14. Make a Cupcake Costume for Ingrid. 
  15. Check out The Everygirl.
  16. Read The Happiness Project. Nah, just watch Fashion Police instead. 
  17. Pin a wonderful recipes like these lovely Doughnut Muffins
  18. Learn modern calligraphy.
  19. Debate the cost-per-wear of this J.Crew Keeper Chambray shirt
  20. The cost-per-wear will be low. Order it.  
  21. Look at these pictures of Ingrid and marvel over how much she has grown: 

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