Wednesday, September 12, 2012

17 Months

In late August, my friend and I were walking around the park. She with her dog and me with Ingrid. Ingrid noticed a group of kids playing a game of faux-baseball and asked to get out of her stroller to "walk" and said "ball". My friend turned to me and said "When did she become a little kid?"

Last month, Ingrid turned into a little kid (sort of). She's taller, more stable on her feet and loves to talk. 

With each passing month, I like Ingrid more and more. I know I'd mentioned that before and it sounds weird but, it's true. Her personality is warm, she loves kisses and books and above all things, the moon. 

She's starting to join words together, as in "buh-bye Hahpah" and "read book." I know that sounds like small potatoes, but after listening to a year of cooing, signing, babbling and single words, getting a glimpse into Ingrid's thoughts through verbal communication is wonderful. 

It's like listening to a song and understanding the verse, when yesterday you could only make out the refrain. 

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