Monday, September 10, 2012

the whole story.

Claire Bidwell Smith's article The Good, the Bad and the Filtered: Truth About My Postpartum Life truly resonated with me because the content shared online is such a small, pretty fraction of the whole, unfiltered picture.

Of course, by nature, that's the way it has to be, but I often feel like a fraud sharing pictures of Ingrid dancing in the grass, blowing bubbles or eating ice cream. These sweet moments are wonderful and although they occur daily, they are bookended by periods of stress and require much effort.

An effort that sounds silly once put into words - because packing a diaper bag, working around naptime, and lugging a toddler, stroller, snacks and perhaps a dog out of the house, doesn't sound taxing. But it is. And it's boring.

Who wants to see a sweaty mom juggling a squirmy toddler?

No, we'd all rather see Ingrid looking at a pig with skepticism:

But seriously, that's just the tip of the iceberg as the stresses of everyday life mount. Discussions about schedules, baby sitters, finances and house hunting make me entertain the idea of life as a hermit.

When trying to remember the last time I went to a concert or on vacation, I'm reminded that those things that I loved so dearly, are on the back-burner indefinitely.

I stay up too late and eat too many carbs. I feel burnt out and wound up.

Capturing and sharing pictures of Ingrid's toddler-hood reminds me that we're figuring it out and enjoying the journey together. 

Here, Ingrid and I are at Chill on the Hill, listening to live music in the park and looking at the moon:

And when I look at this picture, it makes me feel good. It doesn't matter how tired I was, how frustrated Ingrid got when we ran out of cheese or what ragtag local band was playing. At this moment, Ingrid saw the moon, squealed with delight and marched around with excitement.

So, please don't take this as a complaint as it is not. Not even for a hot-venting-second. I'm forever thankful for our simple life - for supportive family, friends and good health. I just wanted you to know what you already knew - life isn't perfect and will never even resemble perfect - and to have the whole story.

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