Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Essentials

This summer has been full of celebrations, camping trips and festivals. Last weekend, we stayed close to home and took it easy all weekend long. It was wonderful and it was needed. A weekend where watching the Olympics while folding the laundry is an event. A sweet, simple and relaxing event.

During the hectic months that are June and July, don't you feel like you spin around going here and there? As wonderful as all of that is - August is for relaxing. I'm ready to do just that, thanks to these summer essentials:

Songza - It's the best music site (and app) ever. I know, it's borderline pathetic to have a website as a "must have" for the summer but, just click on over, navigate through the Music Concierge and try telling me you don't love it too. Currently, I'm enjoying the playlist "Songs to Raise Your Kids to." Cute, without being annoying, right?

Wagon - I'll clue you in on a little secret, wagons are bulky and hard to pull around. These are perfect for short walks to the park or circles around the backyard. Ingrid thinks her "wag" is pretty awesome, even though her expression would suggest otherwise.

Zoo Pass - My Grandma Zache took me to the zoo so many times during my childhood, my sisters and I could draw you a fairly accurate map on the fly. Dan and I have both visited the zoo with Ingrid and our moms - and I'm looking forward to visiting the elephants with Dan and Ingrid this weekend. 

Purple Door Ice Cream  - I'm a frozen yogurt gal but this local ice cream is perfect for hot summer nights. I'm excited to try Walnut or Salted Caramel or..mmm anything, next! 

Weekend Staples (aka Old Navy cheap finds) - My pre-Ingrid weekend wear consisted of yoga gear during the day and some sort of jeans-with-heels-combo at night. With Ingrid, I'm all about keeping it comfortable and simple. I've lived in these sandals and this sweatshirt this summer. Add a topknot and some lipstick and this doubles as an acceptable outfit to grab dinner and drinks. "Acceptable" is probably stretching it, but so is the idea that I step out to "grab dinner and drinks."
Homemade Iced Coffees - Don't get my wrong, I love me some Starbuck or Alterra coffee, but I love coffee brewed in my kitchen more. Almost more. Granted, I make the worst coffee ever so this task falls onto Dan but I make a mean Vanilla Simple Syrup - so together we're about half of a barista. 

Oh, you'd like to know about this famous Vanilla Simple Syrup? Well, let me tell you about it: 
  • Boil one cup of water 
  • While waiting for water to boil, split open a vanilla bean 
  • Once water boils, add one cup of sugar 
  • Add vanilla bean. Use a butter knife to get all of the vanillay-goodness 
  • Stir to dissolve sugar 
  • Cool mixture and use in hot and iced coffees. Take your coffee to go in this: 

That's it. 
A random list from me to you. 
Now, it's your turn - what are your must-haves this summer? 

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