Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day at the Fair

After last weekend, I'm a firm believer that the Wisconsin State Fair - like Christmas and ice cream cones - is best enjoyed with a small child.

Ingrid didn't know what to do with herself when she saw her storybook characters in person. If you think about it, she really had no idea that bunnies were that small and that cows are seriously that large.

After applying a liberal amount of hand-sanitizer, we did what we came to do - eat a cream puff. And a corn dog. And some mini donuts. Ingrid liked watching the cream puff assembly line - but she loved fork-fulls of that filling even more. 

Later, we discovered the Natural Resources Park where Ingrid played with sand. Then, looked at a turtle and then played with sand again...for a long time. And finally we forced her to walk away, while she shouted "buh-bye! buh-bye!" and waved furiously at the sand - while looking back at The Wonder that is Sand longingly. 

As Ingrid was playing with the sand, I was eyeing this large wooden Smokey the Bear photo-op...thing. I had visions of a kitchy, frame-worthy family photo. Ingrid as a fox, Dan the raccoon, me the deer (see, the sand portion of day was pretty lengthy, a had a few minutes to dream up this scenario up). This is as close as we got: 

Ingrid didn't really get it. 

All in all it was a low key morning filled with simple, sweet memories. She's so friendly - saying hi to nearly everyone that passes. And, she's so smart - answering all of our annoying requests to tell us "what a cow says." It's days like these that make me sentimental for more "first" days to come - first haircut, first day of school - but for now, I'm happy with first trip to the State Fair. 

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