Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corn on the Cob

This summer Ingrid went from crawling to wobbly standing to walking in a few short months. Yes, those developmental milestones are cheer-worthy, they now feel like they happened a lifetime ago.

Now, she toddles out of her room and over to her highchair and it feels and looks so natural, I can hardly remember carrying my little nugget to her seat.

Those first steps were monumental. They called for a video, a celebratory text to the grandparents and a note in the baby book (when it gets updated...). 

Recently, Ingrid had her first taste of corn on the cob and later - and for the first time ever in her life - she swept the kitchen floor. Or, "swept" the kitchen floor. 

Baby book worthy? I'm not so sure. 

But as I watched those little gears in her head turn as she moved the broom from one hand to the next, I was amazed. Then, I was amazed that this small "milestone" was literally bringing a tear to my eye. No one ever asks you "So, when will your daughter eat corn on the cob?" or "Has Ingrid started sweeping the floor yet? Because my friend's cousin's baby started sweeping her kitchen floor at 10 months." 

I don't even know when kids are supposed to eat corn on the cob, but it was a supervised meal, she has about 10 teeth and everyone is fine. So, settle  

But seriously, these new and seemingly small moments are wonderfully sweet and precious. Even though she's taken her first steps and muttered her first words, I can't wait for more moments like these: 

Now, you're encouraged to use your hands. 

Not a fork...

Yup. Got it!

Carefully working it all out.

Nice try. 

Helping in the kitchen = eating a snack on a chair. 

Which leads to asking/signing for More Snack

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