Sunday, August 12, 2012


A quick list of things that are going on right 

loving: reruns of The Hills on Netflix - without cable - this timeless guilty pleasure resurfaces. 
reading: a stack of magazines and maybe today's paper.

waiting for: an idea of where we'll move next. 

missing: this little baby burrito bundle: 

trying to: find a church. Not an easy task! Any suggestions?  

working on: training for the triathlon. I don't know what I'm more nervous for - the swim, the bike, or the logistics of how everything is supposed to come together. 

enjoying: summer nights and weekend with the family and friends. 

using: my iPhone...a little too much. 

wearing: the same boring eight things over and over. Coveting this J Crew necklace and wishing for more exciting looks like this: 


planning: my favorite season fall! Football, boots, apple picking and Ingrid's Halloween costume. 

singing: along to The Spice Girls. Awesome. 

needing: more gratitude and perhaps a manicure. 

learning: how to stay on a budget.  

listening: to Ingrid's little voice. It's amazing to hear her thoughts out loud. Granted, a majority of her talking is gibberish, but those clear words are a reason to celebrate. Today she said "Hi Tutle" to her turtle - and I had to stop cooking to exchange a heartfelt glance at Dan. 

and this lovely song from The Head and The Heart:

wishing: I didn't Google the symptoms of Ingrid's diaper rash. 

doing: laundry. Will it ever end? 

praying for: more relaxed, carefree weekends full of moments like these, where all are healthy, happy and stress-free:

dreaming of: a lovey farm house with an inviting, sunny white kitchen: 


One last note: the Closing Ceremonies to the Olympics are wonderful! Do you feel like you were more engaged in the Olympics this year more than others? They were amazing!

This blog idea is from one of my faves: Jones Design Company - check it out. 

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