Friday, August 17, 2012

16ish Months

When did my baby start playing with babies?

Everything is now a baby. The Glow Worm and stuffed animals are wrapped up in a blanket like a baby. Even the sippy cup gets the swaddle treatment.

We've entered the land of Toddlerville. It's hilarious, weird and taxing.

Last summer, I would hold all fifteen pounds of her and try to imagine how life would be in a year. She would have little thoughts. I would be able to hear her budding voice. Understand her quirks. Know her favorite foods. Plan her sweet little outfits.

12 months later, her thoughts center around Harper, pictures of her cousin Wayne, babies, yogurt, slides, plastic cupcakes and - as embarrassing at it is - Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Her little voice is slowly perfecting her favorite words. Harper responds to "Hahpa" and I'm thankful she proclaims "EAT" when she's ready to eat.

My favorite Ingrid word, hands down, is "Wayne":


(Try not to get too jealous of that cutting-edge phone.) 

Least favorites words include: "No", and "Buh-bye!" as I'm leaving for work.

She loves to sleep with her over-sized stuffed unicorn and is afraid of the vacuum. She gets a kick out of sweeping alongside of us in the kitchen. She helps to get dinner on the table by working in her little kitchen (I know, I know, must not perpetuate gender roles...).

She's becoming a little kid who grow out of her 18-24 month clothes and understand that purpose of the toilet in the near future.

I don't think there's been enough distance between the baby stage and toddler stage to fully appreciate how wonderfully snuggly those short precious baby moments truly are - because I'm so loving her as a bubbly little 16ish month old.

Even though I'm so tired at the end of the day that I might accidentally slam my head on the keyboard if I don't go to bed soon.

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