Sunday, July 8, 2012


On June 29th I turned 29 and spent my birthday with my favorite ladies in Milwaukee. We went to Splash Studio for a few hours of painting, drinking and general gabbing and then, went out for a little cocktailing and dancing. It was fantastic.

The next day, the family and I went on a long (and super hot) walk where I thought about how happy I was/am to be 29. Happy to have my twenties (almost) behind me and be able to look back on those years with fondness. Here's what I know at 29:

  1. Frequent phone calls with friends and family members are nice.  
  2. I love to celebrate birthdays. Mine, Ingrid's, Dan's and yours. 
  3. I love to camp. And at 29, that includes an 8-person tent, an air mattress and reusable cups. 
  4. Brunch can cure the Sunday morning headache. 
  5. Online shopping can cure the Sunday night blues. 
  6. Yoga will make you feel pretty great.
  7. In-person shopping gets more and more annoying with each passing year. I literally asked a girl at Aldo if she could turn the music down last week. Literally. 
  8. 15 month-olds are pretty funny, pretty crazy and pretty sweet. 
  9. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 
  10. National Parks are worth visiting. 
  11. Doughnuts are the new cupcake. 
  12. You know that girl who says she's "one of the guys" and girls don't really "get her." Red flag! She's not a nice person. 
  13. Listen to Suze Orman. 
  14. Coffee is best when sipped in my kitchen, not at Starbucks. 
  15. I love Alterra. And Starbucks. 
  16. Target heels won't hold up all night. 
  17. Harry Potter books are wonderfully good reads. 
  18. Real hot chocolate tastes weird. Give me good ol' Swiss Miss with corn syrup solids. Seriously. 
  19. Flowers from Pick N' Save will last up to 17 days in solid condition. 
  20. Never say never. Cliche? Yes. But if you would have told 24-year-old old me that at 29 I'd be married with a one-year-old and would like to run, I would have laughed in your face because I hated running. 

I can only hope that the next 29 years are so sweet!  

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