Monday, July 23, 2012

Fourth of July Favorites

Happy Monday! Highlights included: running around Madison to celebrate my friend's birthday, snuggling with Ingrid as she ate ice cream with her cousin, spending time with the in-laws and meeting my friend's little son for the first time. As Ingrid would say, this weekend was "go, go, go." 

Dan and I came home with the goal of creating a meal plan, grocery shopping and getting ourselves ready for the week. I have yet to leave the couch and "grocery shopping" has been replaced by "watching old episodes of The Hills...while sort-of making a grocery list." 

While procrastinating Sunday to-dos, I stumbled upon these little photos from Fourth of July.  

The Fourth of July has always a favorite of mine - Dan and I have always spent the weekend (or day...) doing our own thing in Milwaukee, and then in the evening, we crash my best friend's family party and watch the Bay View fireworks. Very simple, very chill, very opposite of this weekend.  

Even though this weekend was a blast, lets be honest, the older we get, the harder it is to recover from a crazy, hazy weekend. Even if "crazy" means "driving in the car with a 15 month-old for four hours." Because driving in the car with a tired baby for four hours is equivalent to going on a hungover bike ride. Everyone on the road is annoying and you can stop wondering why anyone ever chooses to do this. Seriously, bike riding is the worst. 

 With that, here are my favorite memories from The Fourth: 

Harper and a patriotic Ingrid patiently wait for the parade to begin. 

Later, Ingrid was in a "westerny" mood and Dan was in the mood to build a four-foot-tall block tower. 
While Ingrid napped, we learned how to play Backgammon.
I hung my head in shame as I thought it was called Batgammon
Parade swag included: candy, instant coffee, political brochures and bubbles.
Ingrid's favorite item of the bunch was...


That's right, bubbles won over Double Bubble. Weird right? Because doubles normally win. 

I know, I know, not funny. 

I'm taking my tired, unfunny face to bed. 

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and have an abundance of coffee (I'll be tapping into this instant coffee stash!) to tackle your Monday morning. 

If not, I have a solution for you. Come on over, blow bubbles at Ingrid and her squeaky screams will wake you up.  

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