Friday, June 15, 2012

Ingrid's First Birthday

Tonight I was going through old Ingrid photos and they helped to cheer me up.

They helped to cheer me up because earlier this week I lost my grandpa.

I called my grandpa Paga because when I was little, I said Paga before I knew how to say grandpa and it stuck.

I'm sad that he is no longer with us. I'm sad that Ingrid will not have memories of him. But I'm happy that my last time visiting him is full of fond memories. He watched Ingrid walk. He turned his bedside light on and off. That made Ingrid laugh. And when I leaned over to give him a kiss with Ingrid on my hip, Ingrid freaked out and slapped him. That made Paga laugh.

That lasting visual bring a smile to my face and my heart.

In an effort to seek out other things that bring a smile to my heart - I found these photos from Ingrid's first birthday.

After her party, I was disappointed that I didn't snap "enough" photos and was too wrapped up with cooking egg bakes and opening gifts with Ingrid. Why didn't I delegate this task out to a friend?

A few weeks later my mother-in-law sent a disk of photos from that winter, and they were fantastic. But tonight, I looked at them with a fresh perspective and was so happy that we were in the moment. And that moment didn't include a parade of posed pictures.

Although, I wouldn't complain if we had a shot of the three of us on Ingrid's first birthday.

Ingrid ignoring presents and party guests in favor of Sophie. 

Now, there were about 20 people crammed into our little space but these four were the only ones caught on camera.
Imogen assisting Ingrid while Dad and Great Grandma Bev look on.

I don't know who looks more uncomfortable - me, or Ingrid. 

Cupcake for Ingrid.

Cupcakes for us. 

Ingrid and Imogen.

Everyone's doing a great job looking over there.

Ingrid with Great Grandma Bev. 

Don't you just love everything about this last photo? Maybe our kitchen could do without the concert posters circa 2003 and sure, I could have had the wherewithal to get a picture of the family over a plate of cupcakes but, that's what happened.

And two months later, these photos brought a smile to my face after a few days of feeling a little blue.

I wish I had a quote, verse or snappy thought to sum up my day and my thoughts. But all I have is this  - if you're feeling shitty, just look at pictures of a happy day and you'll feel a bit better.

Actually no, now I do remember a quote from Colin Powell from The Daily Show "Everything looks better in the morning." 

Good night friends!

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