Friday, June 1, 2012

Dinner and Measuring Cups

Last night, I enjoyed a dinner and a movie with husband. Vietnamese and The Avengers. 

A few hours out of the house. A small purse. The ability to hold hands. 

It was wonderful.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed looking forward. As in, literally looking forward. To look at Dan during dinner. To watch the movie during the movie. 

To not twist around the passenger seat to retrieve a fallen toy. To not dig in a diaper bag while keeping an eye on Ingrid's whereabouts. 

Sidebar: Do you think the assistant to Samuel L. Jackson was supposed to look like an anorexic version of Jennifer Connelly? 


Me too. 

Today, Ingrid joined me in the kitchen. She was the sous chef. Specialties include creating loud noises and pointing at keys while repeating "KEETHES." 

After throwing a mini-fit about not getting said keys, she settled down with these little measuring bowls.   

You could just hear those little gears turning in her head as she carefully stacked them all.

She then congratulated herself with a round of applause. Natch. 

Later we enjoyed some eats and a few minutes of Frozen Planet. 

Two dates in two days. Not too bad. 

(Isn't her little sock just the best? It's the size of that 1/3 cup for cryin' out-loud!)

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