Thursday, May 3, 2012


Tonight is a quiet night. Dan, Ingrid and Harper left this morning to work (Dan) and to visit the grandparents (Ingrid and Harper).

It felt strange to come home to an empty house. And it feels even stranger to sit in a house that doesn't need anything. The high chair is clean and the all of the toys are corralled into various baskets. I even kept the kitchen light on "just because I could."

Earlier tonight, my best friend and I went out for wine and dinner (wine was a must and dinner was a "nice to have"). Again, it was a strange and weird feeling to not worry about the home-front status. It's a wonderfully simple thing - to be present with the people around you. Wonderfully simple and really nice.

A nice feeling that I'm thankful is temporary.

Because after watching this video I started to think about Ingrid's little voice. And how one day, she'll have a bizarre kid-accent (I refer to this as a Brooklyn accent).

I'll be making the most of these baby-free days (or toddler-free? Too soon!) - but I'll be ready to see those little red-headed faces when they come home. And, equally happy to see Harper's wiggly butt.

This video rides the fence of charming-cute and annoying-cute but let's just agree that the little owl is probably the best character.

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