Thursday, April 26, 2012

iGot iPhone

Sorry for the painfully lame title, but I joined the ranks of most and got an iPhone a few weeks ago.

Here's a useful tip - don't go to Best Buy on a Sunday when you've had one too many cocktails the night before. There's nothing like spending 90 minutes with a 20 year old Best Buy Phone Specialist when your head is pounding and you just want to lay down.

Well, now I know what all of the fuss is about. I seriously dig this little devise but do not want to come attached to it (read: iPhones are not to be used during meetings, dinners or drinks). 

Since then, I've been spending a bit too much time on Society 6 (a spot to buy prints, apparel and more from real artists) and I'm loving these cases (but not the price tag): 
Let's All Go and Have Breakfast

DG Aztec No.1

Fischer Fox

I've downloaded a few normal apps including Words with Friends (I'm terrible),
Instagram, Pinterest and Pandora - but I'd love to know - what are you "must have apps"? Randomly fun? Randomly useful?

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