Friday, May 4, 2012

On My Playlist: Somebody That I Used To Know

I'll admit it - I'm totally out of touch with new music. 

With a 7 minute commute and an open cubical arrangement at work -
I don't have the ability to blare music for hours upon hours. 

So, when I saw this video on SNL, I didn't get. 

It was a true "mom" moment. 

"Who are these guys? Why is this funny?" 

Oh brother. 

But seriously, I'm not scouring the racks for mom jeans or anything -
but I get how moms get a little...dated. I don't wear heels on the days I drop Ingrid off at daycare because it's easier to take them while juggling Ingrid, her lunch, and a weird daily report slip. 

I'm looking forward to catching a train to Chicago tomorrow.
To have some good food, fancy drinks and perhaps, do some shopping on Michigan Ave this weekend. 

The last purchase I made was a jean jacket.

It's time people, it's time.  

1 comment:

  1. 1. Ohhh Lindsay. ;-)
    2. Doesn't the SNL skit seem so much funnier now?
    3. I still love that song. And make it my personal mission to belt out the girl part.
    4. Have fun in Chicago.
    5. Love the redesign of the blog! Feels so fresh and lovely!


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