Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

A happy Mother's Day to all marvelous ladies - all mothers, grandmas, daughters, aunts, whoever. 

Last week, Dan had a last minute job come in and made sense for him to work so,
Ingrid and I enjoyed the day - just the two of us. 

We started our day with a Skype session with my mom (isn't Skype great?). 
We chatted over coffee and Ingrid showed off her new skill - stacking the rings on this classic toy

Then, while starting breakfast, I found: 

And in the cleverly-named remote drawer, I cried over this: 

Ingrid's sweet little hand-prints with weird little buds and branches shooting out from the fingertips. 
I love it. 

A perfect addition to the Mother's Day gift from my friend. 

And myself...
A new summer quilt (it was needed!). Ok, it was justified. 

After Ingrid's morning nap, we went on a walk. 

And played in the park for a bit. 

We got some coffee and some groceries between naps and porch-hanging.

It was one of the most uneventful Mother's Days I've ever had 
and I hope we have dozens more like today. 

Maybe this shouldn't be such a profound realization for me - but she's honestly really fun to hang out with. I know, that sounds terrible. But I wasn't anticipating truly enjoying spending this much time with someone who can't walk or talk. I thought these enjoyable moments would come much later. Although she was clueless that today was intended to celebrate mothers, she pretty awesome today. 

She was a little more giggly, snuggly (for Ingrid that means resting her head against you) and was just a little more go-with-the-flow. It was a bonus that she took two two-hour naps and did not insist on reading Toes, Ears and Noes 20 times (please, no more, I can't take it). 

At the grocery store, she signed "more" as I dropped a few bananas in the cart. Good point, she has been inhaling at least one a day. So I put in three more. Then she gave a little sideways grin/shoulder shrug and signed "more" again. I ignored this not-so-subtle request and moved along and thought - you're funny, you're nuts and I love you. 

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  1. Ohhhhh I loved your gift. I almost cried too. Perfect.


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