Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lakefront Brewery - My Turn Series

Last week, I was at Groppis for work. As customers were weaving in and out of the photo shoot, I stood awkwardly and apologized - to which one Bay Viewian replied "That's fine, just don't get between me and my beer." 

When he made his way to the front of the store, we asked him about his interesting bottle - he explained that Lakefront Brewery was brewing small batches of brews called "My Turn." This unique series will come out about 5-7 times a year. The Lakefront staff will get a "turn" (get it.) to craft their own brew. The first is Dan's brew.

How awesome is that?

I'm finding that the older I get and the colder it gets - the more I like dark beer. Dan's brew was no exception. It was dark and it was yummy.

I'm excited to see what other beers will follow Dan's!

Photo from here.

After sipping on some beer - I was reminded of the great times my friends and I had this summer at the Lakefront Brewery. Dan and I (husband Dan not Lakefront Dan) have gone on this tour about three times - it's always an educational and drunken-enjoyable time.

A Milwaukee Must-Do - Lakefront Brewery Tour

So, grab one of these limited-edition beers and Prost! 

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