Monday, February 20, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Awesome: This Face. 

Awkward: No Bake Energy Bites.
Lesson learned, if you want cookies, bake cookies. 

- Knees crunching as I walk up 3 flights of stairs multiple times per day at work. And awkwardly calling attention to my crunching knees.
- Not knowing the floaters at daycare. "Megha...ah, Kristin...Kristina? Ingrid has more wipes in her locker."
- Safely removing a wet swimsuit off of Ingrid post-swimming lessons.
- My stylist referring to me as Laura Ingalls Wilder as I walk into the salon.
- Ingrid getting sick for the first time, ever. Not really awkward, but her little sick face is so heart-breaking.

- Brunch at Zak's cafe.
- Getting our new free TV from Glamour. It even has the internet!
- Ryan Gosling in Drive (minus the super violent scenes).
- Have I talked about doughnuts (or donuts) yet? Cakey, sugary, warm and amazing.
- Ingrid pulling herself up and then rocking in place. In my mind she's saying "I'm standing. I love it! I'm standing! I love it." 
- Dan adding a new workout playlist to the iPod.
- Outlet shopping. Correction, solo outlet shopping.

Lets here it - share your awkward and awesome moments.

1 comment:

  1. Mmm. I want that oatmeal.

    -Always second guessing how to spell the word "awkward" (I refer to your poster to make sure I got it right).
    -Thinking a loose sweater will still be loose. Only to find that no, it's just as tight on your belly as every other god damn thing.
    -High water maternity pants.

    -Baby LeRoy doing somersaults, little kicks on my stomach.
    -Chocolate-dipped ice cream drumsticks.
    -Clean sheets and an evening of reading in bed.


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