Monday, December 12, 2011

A Glimpse

As kids, Christmas was obviously a magical time. We didn't need any commercials to rope us in - gifts from a magical man in a red suit, singing, sweets galore, and a week off of school - amazing!

Then, enter the cynical teen-years. Too cool to get excited about...anything, really. Shopping for my little sister? Please, I was too busy not zippering my coat when it was 20 degrees.

Fast-forward to college - where it was acceptable to "get into" the season once again. My six roommates and I managed to purchase and and rig-up a real-life Christmas tree (that sat in our house until well-past Valentine's Day - and was eventually pushed into the Chippewa River), we played Christmas music and I'm assuming consumed an inappropriate number of cookies. I even started going to church again with my mom. It was back. The warm-fuzzies of the holidays were back in full force.

Since then, I've enjoyed the holidays with roommates and eventually, with husband. Some years it's fun, others the holidays are a pain - but no matter what, I find joy being in the kitchen.

A few weeks ago while unpacking a small tote of decor, Ingrid's face lit up when I plugged in the lights. She let out an "Ohhhh-galllll" which in "Ingrid," I'm assuming, means "Wow, that's really pretty." It was a small and wonderful glimpse.

A glimpse into many years of singing and crafting - a glimpse into creating traditions and making memories as a family.

Next year she still won't entirely "get" Christmas, Santa and the whole shebang, but years from now - I can't wait to wrap gifts, create crafts, bake cookies, visit family, watch plays, sing songs and create new traditions together.

Hopefully, this era lasts for many years, until she's "too cool" for Christmas - hopefully she'll be cool enough to zip up her winter coat.

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