Monday, December 19, 2011


After returning home from a particularly hectic day at work, I was greeted with a rectangular package. Well, first I was greeted by a wiggly-butt Harper, a giggly-face Ingrid and a tired Husband. Then, I inquired about the mail status. Husband replied "Didn't get it, but there's a big package on the stairs."

Maybe this is another cliche difference between men and women, but honestly, who can just leave a large package on the stairs for like, four hours? Ingrid's jeggings and my sweater had arrived the day before (Merry Christmas!) - so what could be in this mysterious box? 

Since we live in a rental property, we continue to receive holiday cards and wedding invitations for previous renters (address to the most random people: The Gulroys, Steve & Tim and my personal favorite - Judy M.). I was skeptical that the box was for an Atkinson. 

I literally clapped my hands when I opened it up and found a real, live, Christmas tree.  

With the mysterious note "Have yourself a Merry Christmas" 

The gifter's identity remains at large - but I will be having myself a Merry little Christmas!

Nothing like a little package to brighten up a gloomy December night!

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