Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seven and Eighth Month

We've been slacking in the photo department over the past few months - but with Christmas around the corner, I'm sure we'll have plenty of photographic memories to embarrass Ingrid for years to come.

Last month, something in our house just started to click. The weeks started to feel routine and normal, Dan's business is still clipping along and Ingrid has been pretty bubbly. 

Ingrid's development is pretty amazing to watch. One minute she's jamming a little baby-cereal-puff on her chin and the next, it's magically in her mouth. One minute her little tummy is on the floor the next she's attempting a little child's-pose-rocking-scooting move. 

This fall, we've had a good time chilling out, getting ready for the holidays and getting back in the groove! Here's a look at her seventh and eighth month - Thanksgiving, Atkinson Christmas and a little more.

Long lost toy makes an appearance. Rattle bird is welcomed to the play mat once again.


Chubby thighs. 
Thanksgiving lovin' 

Thank goodness for elastic-waist jeans.

Gabbing with cousin Audri

Tiger attacks at Micheal's 

Who are you calling a milk junkie? 

Paper - the latest living room craze

Ok, I AM a milk junkie. Happy?

Reading with Great Grandma Atkinson

Laying around with Santay-cousins

Aunt Alex and baby Wayne

First present (cliche - the paper was the bigger hit)

That. Santa. Hat. Is. Funny.

Watching the Republican debate.

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